ULTRA is a remote camera arm which can be mounted to a car and offers a giant 12′ (3,66m) arm, active gyro stablization, passive 3-axis nose dampening. It can handle massive payloads of up to 55lbs/25kg. The arm can be mounted almost everywhere: On a boat,  on a truck, on a UTV, speed rail grid.

The 3-axis nose dampening is capable of handling giant gimbal systems such as the MoVI XL, MoVI Pro, DJI Ronin 2 or Shotover G1.

The ULTRA is IP66 rated, which means that neither pretty heavy rain nor loads of dust will bring it down.

A newly designed remote control can be used to control the whole unit. It features two dedicated sticks for precisely controlling the Swing and Lift axes and a 7" touchscreen display for real-time position feedback, limits, and system diagnostics.


• Maximum Reach 12 ft/3.65 m

• Maximum Speed 70 mph

• Maximum Payload 55 lbs/25 kg

• 1000+ ft-lbs of torque on arm

• 3G-SDI slipring within base,

   allowing the arm to rotate 360º infinitely