EXTREME JIBS Has a team of experienced FAA qualified UAV pilots who are insured for productions of all sizes. We pride ourself in our safety reputation all while delivering what is creatively asked of us . We have the capabilities of flying everything from a large format cinema package on your next feature to flying FPV quads through windows. We work closely with production to coordinate and submit all permitting and paperwork ensuring a smooth and efficient pre-pro workflow which is essential in the success of every project. We have implemented a strict maintenance and service routine of all our aircrafts in order to guarantee your safety, that being said we cant wait to tell your story!

Glide: FPV

FPV is for those who aren't looking for the stable high resolution shot but more so the extreme speed and angles capable only by drones. Our FPV quads are built to do 100MPH carrying an action camera. Some of our other models are customized and governed for indoor flying in tight spaces, we can also add prop guards for safety.


The Inspire 2 paired with the X7 camera is one of the most capable tools in our tool belt. This little drone is fast, agile and precise. When paired with the X7 Camera shooting 6K RAW on a Super 35 sensor the Inspire 2's footage will cut in nicely with your A-Cameras ARRI or RED footage.

Heavy lift: FREEFLY


This is the Ferrari of drones... This drone was built to fly an Alexa Mini with Cinema Lenses and wireless FIZ control. Payload can be mounted overhead or below the aircraft for a different look on this platform. 20lb payload max 9-12min flight times

Ultra Heavy Lift:

MFD 5000

This is the latest addition to the fleet! With the demand to carry larger lenses for longer periods of time. This is our solution, we could fly for 22 minutes with a 20lb payload or 10 minutes with a 40lb Payload. This drone was build to fly with larger gimbals such as the Ronin 2, which is capable of stabilizing larger cinema zoom lenses.