The NEW Scorpio 17’ is a three section light telescopic crane for payloads up to 132lbs in under slung and 88lbs in over slung.

Extreme Jibs provides the film industry with the Scorpio 17´ one of the best cranes for car shootings or interior sets.

The Scorpio 17’ has a dolly/base with articulated arms that allows to change its width for standard dolly tracks of 2ft and for 1.3ft Scorpio tracks, it also allows a very small and compact configuration for taxiing to go through standard office door way 2.7ft. You can pretty much place the Scorpio 17´everywhere needed.

It also has a telescopic column that rises up an extra 1.2ft.


• Maximum length: 17’5’’

• Minimum length: 3’5’’

• Back length of the arm: 5’7’’

• Telescopic range: 13’3’’

• Loading capacity in under-slung: 132 lbs

• Loading capacity in over-slung: 88 lbs

• Required Power: DC 30 V / 40 A

• Output Power for the monitor: 12 V / 3 A

• Arm weight: 266.7 lbs

• Crane weight(without payload nor CW): 617.2 lbs

• Arm speed: 4.11 ft/s