The Techno-Jib allows the operator to customize the control and monitor placement.

The Techno-Jib can also be used with lightweight film heads.

Adjustable weights ensure Jib arm balance with any combination of remote head and camera.

Extreme Jibs' Techno Jib-24 Telescoping Jib Arm represents the next step in the evolution of the camera jib. The Techno Jib-24 offers the highest quality, most versatile and user-friendly jib available. With its ability to maneuver into inaccessible areas and to smoothly, silently and quickly move in and out of a shot. The Techno Jib-24 permits innovative and creative shots that have previously been considered too expensive or technically challenging.

For the first time, a single camera jib operator can easily control all aspects of camera movement, including the telescoping of the jib arm. Its feather-light, accurate movement makes for nearly effortless operation. 

Extreme Jibs offers Techno Jib-24-foot telescoping arms and 3 Jimmy Jibs to suit your needs. The T24 provides that extra reach, achieving shots previously only a Technocrane could achieve.

Techno Jib-24 comes with a standard Jib head and an adapter can easily accommodate most remote heads under-slung or over-slung. Our customizable operator interface has been specially engineered with input from the best crane and jib operators in the industry.

When fully retracted, the Techno Jib-24 can easily be wheeled about the set. The Telescopic Dolly has a telescopic post that adds more versatility with 16" of smooth, quiet vertical travel.

+ Set up in 20 min

+ Total weight 1000lbs

+ 2000 watt generator

+ Electronic level Head

+ Maximum reach 24'

+ Maximum load 50lbs

+ Maximum arm speed 5f/s

Techno Jib 24

Telescopic Camera Crane Demo by Extreme Jibs from Extreme Jibs on Vimeo.

Check Out Extreme Jibs' Telescopic Camera Crane Demo video. We created this video to give people a real sense of what a Telescopic Camera Crane can do. The Techno Jib-24 is a state of the art telescopic camera crane, designed to meet the needs of film makers.

We shot this using one Jimmy Jib Triangle, Techno Jib, two RED EPIC CAMERAS and a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4.

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