Ricardo Blasco (Extreme Jibs) specializes in the supply and operation of camera crane systems, with a maximum reach of 40 feet and a full range of accessories and equipment.  

Our goal is to secure remarkable shots in any format to meet your production needs.

With 18 years of experience, our seasoned operators will get the brilliant shots you want at price-conscious rates. Contact Extreme Jibs directly to discuss your vision and determine if the Jimmy Jib is just what your project needs. We will give you an honest evaluation and provide suggestions on how it can be used to amplify your production.  Overall, the Jimmy Jib is the perfect tool to add production value to your shoot.

We have the best rates in Florida. We value customer satisfaction.


Extreme Jibs is based out of Miami serving South Florida, New York, Los Angeles, Europe, and the Caribbean, owned and operated by Ricardo Blasco.

Extreme Jibs is the ultimate and exceedingly reliable jib and camera operating company. We have the crew, equipment, and the dynamics to provide a smooth work environment to create high quality productions.

Extreme Jibs provides the perfect sized cranes for any type of production from feature films, commercials, music videos, reality shows, and concerts, to sports, corporate, and political events. Our systems support all types of connections including HD, Standard definition, etc. Particularly, the Jimmy Jib Triangle is our most popular portable crane for television and film camera support. The Jib Triangle is available in sizes from 6 to 40 ft. with professional Jib Operators, tech crews and 24/7 on-site support that you can rely on.

Our 24/7 commitment guarantees that we are available to respond to each and every request. We pride ourselves in our returning business. Extreme Jibs is an elite company that is diversely talented to support the modernizing demands of today's media industry.
Jimmy Jibs
Jimmy Jibs
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Top Chef Estrellas 2 2014
Crest Commercial (Shakira) 2104
Gatorade Commercial (Dawyne Wade) 2014
The Voice Kids 2013-2014
Music Video (Ricky Martin) 2013
Telemundo Latin Billboard 2013
Madonna World Tour 2012
Keeping up with the Kardashians 2012
Russian’s Next Top Model (Reality Show) 2012
Dance Moms Miami (Reality Show) 2012
Feature Film (Sunlight Jr.) Naomi Watts and Matt Dilon 2012
ABC Extreme Make Over (Weight Loss) 2011
MMA Fights M-1 2011
Commercial (KFC) 2011
Ultra Music Festival 2007-2011
Music Video (Lil Wayne & Bow) 2011
Comedy Central Promos (Adam Sandler, rob Schneider, David Spade and Chris Rock) 2010
BET (College Hill season 1 and 4) 2006-2008
Techno Crane (Feature film Marley & Me) 2008
Hogan Knows Best 2008-2009
Music Videos (Fat Joe, Plies, T-pain) 1999-2011
Fast Money (CNBC) 2007-2009
X-Effect (MTV) 2007
NBC Miami Vice premier 2006
Discovery Channel Latin America 2005
Lipton Tennis Tournament 2000
America’s Most Wanted 1998

Top Chef Estrellas 2 2014
The Voice Kids 2014
Nickelodeon (Andy Murray) 2014
E! What Would Ryan Lochte do 2013
X-Factor Miami 2012
Michelle Obama Interview 2012
HBO Hard Knocks Miami Dolphins 2012
Below Deck (Reality Show) BRAVO 2012
Star 8 (Reality Show) FOODNETWORK 2012
Jenny Rivera (Reality Show) 2012
Russian’s Next Top Model (Reality Show) 2012
CNN Anderson Cooper (Sean Penn’s Interview) 2012
VH1Critic’s Choice Awards 2012
Recreating a Legend 2011
Travel Channel (Man V. Food) 2010
Super Bowl XLIV 2010
Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2008
MSNBC (Today’s Show) 2008
Wedding Day (Reality Show) 2008
She Is Got the Look (Reality Show) 2008
MTV Cribs 2006-2009
ABC Promos 2003
MLS Soccer Games 2003
Super Bowl Miami 2007
NBA Games 2002-2009